Can You Hear the Cadence?


As the New Year continues on I feel this changing inside of me, and as I read today on The Fearless Experiment’s blog about the soundtrack of your life, and the beat that was sounding in Lindsay’s heart; I can truly say that I have been feeling some time of rhythm in my heart. It started out as a faint beat that I would hear from time to time and it would stir something deep down inside of me. I would then go on with my life and my day to day routine and be totally content in my comfort zone of “the norm”. As my time in the internship has progressed this rhythm (which I am going to call “the Cadence”) has in fact gotten louder and more frequent, and quite honestly less easy to ignore. And try as might to brush the nudging aside and continue on in my little bubble of comfort and easy, it has truthfully interrupted MY plans for this life, and thank The Lord it has. My normal, comfortable, and easy plans for my life are not what God has called me to, it is not what He has destined me for. I want to live life in Him and with Him and have a life that is bravely fearless, a life that is in deed A Brave Adventure!

By the grace of God my days are going to change, I want to attain a level of relationship with Jesus I have not had before, I want to reach new revelation and greater understanding. And as I sit here thinking on all of this something inside of me get louder and stronger and today instead of ignoring this nudging I am going to acknowledge it. I’m going to acknowledge the longing in the depths of me to quit settling for easy and normal and strive for bravery and an extraordinary adventure with The One who loves me more then the grains of sand, who know all of the hairs on my head, who knew my days before the foundations of the earth. The one who is my Daddy my Heavenly Father. Do you know what the Cadence is saying, its saying

I will dance on the chains of
my circumstance, walk on the
waves of the storm
nothing is impossible for those
who believe God is Love
God is love, God is love
I won’t be afraid
God is love, God is love
Nothing is impossible
I will live out these dreams
You placed in me, shout down
These walls of fear
Nothing is impossible for those
Who believe God is love
I can scale a wall
I can move a mountain
I can slay the giants
With you on my side
I can raise the dead
I can free the nations
I can fly

Can you feel the cadence, Can you feel the cadence?

Do you feel the beating deep in your heart, your heart is coming alive again!

So this year, the soundtrack to my life is “God is Love” by Jonathan David Helser. The Cadence in my heart is crying out for me to start living, living the life I was born to live, the life that the Lord saw before the foundations of the earth, the life He destined for me to live. An awesome woman that I love dearly told me the other day that “there are things that you are already capable of, (that the Lord has already put inside of me) that you don’t even know are there”. And it is true there are things that stir in my heart daily and (not as a point of failure or disappointment) I have not been acknowledging them, and now that I am beginning to acknowledge them I am seeing parts of my heart that I have never seen before, levels of love I know I could not attain on my own.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

I am a new creation, the old has passed away!! I do not have to settle for easy, I do not have to settle for normal, and I do not have to settle for comfortable! Jesus is my comforter, He is my safe place!

He is good.

Can you hear the cadence?


Some Thoughts on Fear

Some thoughts on fear:

Fear of loss causes you to loose your greatest possession… peace.

Fear of being hurt in relationships – hurts your relationships.

Fear of the future steals your joy in the present.

Fear of rejection repels love.

Truly knowing God’s perfect love – truly casts away fear!

Happy New Year mighty women in the Lord.
Happiness in the New Year comes from knowing that the Great Creator of the Universe loves me completely, is always good & always near! Whom or what
shall I fear? I smile at the future


A Beautiful Process

So this is a New Year, and I am going to start it out right. I am going to step out in faith and believe that this year holds so much more revelation and fullness of who the Lord is and who I am in Him! I have really been struggling these past few weeks, in truth I have been so totally frustrated with myself. That is until yesterday when I realized that I have been focusing so much on my frustration and failure. That is not what the Lord wants for me. It is not about my short comings or what I could of/ should of done, it is about where I have come from what I have learned. I am in the process and sometimes the process is not what I want it to look like. It is just like a word Anthony and I got from a wonderful friend on Sunday, “dont get frustrated with the process of refining” that is where I am at right now, I am being refined into the woman God has created me to be. I can get so caught up in the process and in the seasons of learning that I don’t even see what is happening I am changing I am becoming the person I was created to be , I am His daughter and He delights in me even when I am in “the process of refining”.

I have been livinig in fear for a very long time, a fear of living. To the extent that I hide behind the things I am comfortable with and don’t really step out much. I have been afraid of failure, of not meeting my own and others expectations of me. I have been giving into the power of the opinions of man. I am giving that to the Father, no longer will that fear dictate my life. It stops here. I am a daughter of the Most High, His perfect love casts out fear. It casts out fear, fear of failure, fear of not meeting expectations and the fear of living. I am new creation in Him and I am learning to live in that truth. And the truth about that is it is ok to be in the learning process. It is not a bad thing to be learning, it is not a bad thing to be in the process of some- thing. and I am okay with that! I trust my daddy, I trust that He has put things inside of me that are beautiful and worth sharing, and I trust that in His timing He will birth those things in me and the process of that birthing will be beautiful! I am so ready for the new things of 2013. I am excited about the new adventures He has for me! So heres to the Brave Adventures of 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


In Him,