Choice. Such a small and simple word, but the weight that comes with it is enormous. It’s a small and big word. It’s the power of free will, we get to choose. We choose so many things through out life big things that impact not only ourselves but the people around us and sometimes people we don’t even know. We choose small and simple things that really only effect us like our hair color, the shirt we are going to where, or what we are going to have for lunch. But the big choices, that’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. 
In the past a lot of choices were made that extremely effected me and the people around me, people I deeply love and care about. Those choices were made by people I trusted and looked up to. The effects of their choices changed lives, the perception and deceit from the enemy about those choices sent some people down a path that didn’t and won’t lead to The Lord. Those choices and events have been heavy on my heart. I can sit here and list the people and their choices and play the blame game. But in truth I am choosing to believe that those events were not Gods will for me or the group of people effected by the circumstances. Yes different choices could have been made, and a lot of people wouldn’t have been hurt or lead to believe the lies of the enemy and everything would have been dandy. But today I’m making the choice to forgive, the choice to reject the lies the enemy communicated to my heart, and break free from the chains that have bound me concerning those events. I choose to lay those people and their choices at the foot of cross because I know my God is just and faithful. I choose to let go of bitterness and take hold of the freedom The Lord has for me. I’m going to give my hurts to Jesus and I’m going to step out of the way so The Lord can work justly and righteously on my behalf. Today I choose to bless those who have hurt me. I choose the bind the freedom of The Lord to their lives, to bind the love of The Lord to their lives. 
I don’t want to find myself in a place of holding onto hurts and lies. I’ve laid so many things on the side of this road I’ve been walking, leaving them with Jesus and moving forward. But some times I seem to back track with out noticing it and when I do I see those things at the side of the road and the enemy tricks me into thinking that those things still belong to me. It’s so easy and sadly comfortable to pick up those hurts and stuff them somewhere to save for later. But The truth of the matter is those hurts were never really mine, Jesus paid the price for them when He died on the cross and defeated death. 
So today I choose freedom, joy and Jesus. Because in Him all things hold together. 
What will you choose today?