A Question of Faith

Is it possible to trust in part?

Surely you are either trustworthy or you are not?

If you could let me down once,

Surely that would be reason for me to not trust you at all?

Am I in or am I out?

Will I have faith or will I doubt?

The choice is up to me.

On my faith you depend.

In the meantime time you remain,

The one in whom I can depend.

You are everything you say you are.

100% God, nothing less nothing more.

Wisdom chooses to trust, to launch fully,

On the one person in this life who cannot & will not lie.

To trust not in what is seen or results,

But on the evidence of who you are & always will be.

Faith is not based on circumstances.

It is not the absence of evil or pain.

It is in the reality of a faith worthy God!

Anna Latshaw