What a crazy week it has been! I have been on jury duty for the past week! It is crazy to see the process of our justice system! Even crazier to have been taught about the Court Room of Heaven and the justice system of the Lord! Praise God that He is the final judge and that He is just!

But beyond all of the craziness of my time on a jury, I really felt the Lords pursuit of me this week. I was told that I would more then likely see some one I knew on the first day, however by the time I was placed in a panel and sent up with 3 groups of 12 people to be questioned by the lawyers and judge I had not encountered any one I remotely recognized. I wasn’t to worried though I really felt the Lord with me the whole week, especially that first day! But by the time the selection process was over and I was finally accepting the fact that the next 5 days of my life was going to be spent in court room and jury room with 12 people I didn’t know at all the Lord surprised me! I pulled out my IHOP (International House of Prayer) water bottle and a man to my right exclaimed: “ IHOP! I was just listening to Bickle last night!” I was shocked! I mean I expected to be amongst some believers (hopefully) but some one who knew IHOP was beyond my expectations.  As the day went on I think the 2nd day, we were talking about how the Lord speaks to us through dreams and I mentioned the internship we had gone through in Virginia, and how we had a dreams class taught by Jim and Mims Driscoll and again to my surprise he responds: “The people with Stir the Water? I’m on their email list!” Okay Lord now I am really blown away, I don’t think I could be any more surprised by this at all… 🙂 So again the day continues and I decided I would mention the church we are apart of, and invite him to come! Well I write all of the information down address, times ect and then I decide it would be a good idea to write down the names of the people whose house we meet at… Daniel and Ann Latshaw…. (This is where it gets crazy). As he reads the paper he looks up and says: Daniel Latshaw! I knew him and Anna before they got married! WHAT WHAT WHAT?! Ok Lord now you may be showing off just a little bit… Haha. The conversation of course continues on about how crazy this is and we list a few more people we both know and how cool the Lord is!

Turns out this world is very small, but our God is very big… Duh right?

I mean I guess I loose sight of that, I get so caught up in my day to day routine and when duty calls such as jury duty something my flesh, and the enemy would say is ordinary and not really involving the Lord, just something that everyone does. The Lord blows me away and shows me that He is apart of everything whether the world wants Him there or not. His presence is all around us and He is chasing after His children.

I felt that pursuit more then ever this week, not only did I meet a brother in Christ who knows several people I care deeply about, but He communicated and confirmed His promises that I may have slightly been doubting lately, ok definitely doubting through this person. Some one who truly knew nothing about me and Anthony or our walk and struggles recently. But the Lord communicated again what was told to me all last week by several people, His promises for me are yes and amen, He never changes, He is always the same. And His timing is completely perfect.

The Lord knew I was struggling, that I was having a hard time holding fast to the promises and words He has given us about the future and He chased after me like He always does to again in my doubt of His promise to confirm it again. To redirect my hope that had truly been differed. He helped me refocus my hope on the one thing it should be focused on and that is Him, not the promises, but the Promise giver.

I could just float in the peace and reassurances He has given me this week, a week full of listening to people argue the justice of the world, not the Lord. A week of listening to people possibly lying after putting their hand on the word of God and vowing not to, a week of an overload of information I could probably now recite in my sleep if asked to. And a day of 11 hours of deliberating what justice was in this situation. God was present and active in that jury room and court room wether the other jurors or people of the lawsuit and court cared or not.

What a God we serve, He is faithful, He is loving, He is just, He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. His promises for us are yes and amen.

He is good!